I am passionate about helping moms of school-aged kids find the time they need to take care
of themselves.

Sarah b.

"Haven't worked out with Katie in a few years, one class was all it took to remind me why she is the best. She is so encouraging, accepting and supportive all while challenging you.
Also, she plays great music."

I offer group coaching (coming soon!), community support, and fun challenges.


For those who live locally, come join me for an in-person class. We can sweat and stretch together!

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Group Fitness Classes

Get your MOVE on wherever and whenever you have time. I’ll meet you on Zoom!

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Group Fitness Classes

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Gone are the days of naps where you could fit in a shower and meal prep, or stroller walks where you could listen to an audiobook and sip coffee. 

You're in that “pseudo Uber-driver, homework monitor, social-emotional therapist, activity planner, tablet monitoring and I’m-40-and-my-body-doesn’t-always-move- like-used-to” phase of life" (because I'm in it myself).

There are a lot of life circumstances that are tough to change (work, kids’ activity schedules, household responsibilities), 

You have to plan your time differently and what worked in the past doesn’t always work now. 

Wondering if this is right for you? Just ask yourself if you can relate to the following:


"Katie is such a breath of fresh air! She is so positive and it's hard not to give it your all with her cheering you on. So grateful to be back to in-person 
workouts with her!"

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