Smile Sweat Shine Coaching helps moms of school-aged kids find the time they need to take care of themselves. We believe in the power of energizing workouts, nutritious (and delicious) food, a healthy dose of alone time, and an
empowering community.

Hi, I’m Katie, owner of Smile Sweat Shine Coaching! I’m a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, and nutrition coach. But most importantly, I’m a mom. I am passionate about helping moms of school-aged kids find the time they need to take care of themselves. 

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Ready to reclaim your time and recharge yourself?  You won’t have to do it alone. Through in person and virtual group fitness classes, accountability challenges and small group coaching, we are here to support and uplift you — and live this wild, beautiful life right alongside you.

"One of Katie's strengths is in providing a program that is variable to all different levels. She has the capacity of changing things up, making the workouts not only interesting but also challenging using new and varied techniques. For me, she provides not only a fitness program the meets my needs to stay active, along with keeping me from injuring myself, but she is also there as an emotional support!"

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"On our recent ski trip, another skier crashed into me. I was rattled but skied the whole rest of the day. I thought for sure the next morning I would be really sore from the crash but I felt ok! I have to say thank you for all you do and for working our whole body. I 100% believe it kept me from being too sore and gave me the endurance to keep going and keep up. "


Working out with Katie is such a joy. I so look forward to the feeling I have the day after the class when I have the "good" sore and know that I worked out my entire body. My favorite thing about Katie though is her spirit - her happiness and intrinsic desire to help people shines through everything that she does. She makes working out accessible, regardless of your fitness level, size, current injury status or degree of motivation. 


I offer group coaching (coming soon!), community support,
and fun challenges.



For those who live locally, come join me for an in-person class. We can sweat and stretch together!


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As a busy mom, I’m all about strategies and solutions — realistic solutions for your everyday experiences.

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Sometimes the bravest and most important thing
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